Ekin’s Hair

I just watched Ekin Cheng: Beautiful Life a few days ago on TV. It’s nothing special, just your run of the mill 1hr feature meant to promote Ekin’s 2011 concert. Andrew Lau, Andy Lau, Sandy Lam, Chin Kar-Lok all make appearances and really can’t seem to shut up about Ekin’s trademark long hair and Young and Dangerous. Intercut between the interviews are clips of Ekin riding an unicycle, a scooter, and baking chocolate treats with Charlene Cho. You see, all of this is suppose to show that Ekin’s all about having fun and being kooky. I was almost sold until I noticed how miserable the longhair fellow looked on camera. It seems as if he has long outgrown this carefree image and is simply going along with it because that’s the Ekin everyone knows and loves.

The special left me feeling nostalgic in a sad way. I felt old because Ekin was getting older. For a moment, like everyone else on the special I lost track of time thinking about  Ekin’s career.

And then I found myself asking:

“Was Young and Dangerous really 15 years ago?”

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4 Responses to Ekin’s Hair

  1. Martin says:

    The show should have been called Ekin Cheng: Beautiful hair and yes Young and dangerous really was 15 years ago, where did they go?

    • Kingwho? says:

      Ekin is an actor/performer who got better as he aged. Proof is RULE #1. Excellent adult performance by Ekin.

      AWESOME PICTURE!!!!!!!

      • smirk2u says:

        You’re right with Rule#1, it is really good. Almost better than it deserves to be. But don’t forget that movie had Shawn Yu in it. He makes everything he’s in a little better.

        He’s not the best actor but he does have charisma. I actually think Johnnie To got the best performance out of him in Running Out of Time 2.

        Ekin needs to be in movies again. I think there’s room for him, especially in an industry where someone as bland as Alex Fong (the young one) is the star of 3 or 4 movies a year.

        Have you seen Once a Gangster? What a waste of time. It ruined the perfect opportunity to play on Ekin’s and Jordan’s
        Young and Dangerous personas.

  2. Kingwho? says:

    Ditto about Shawn Yu. He’s my favorite ‘younger’ actor in HK films.

    I did see Once A Gangster and it was a bit of a misfire. It tried to play on the Y&D characters but didn’t do it properly or in a way that I appreciated. I assume that is why Ekin and Jordan were cast in the film? Fail!

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