In the Mood for Wong

Once upon a time I was a huge WKW fan. HUGE. To me, throughout the late 90s he was probably the most exciting filmmaker working in Hong Kong cinema (sorry Mr. To). He was on an unbelievable streak with Chung King Express, Ashes of Time, Happy Together and In the Mood for Love.

And then he went to work on 2046, and that turned into a 4 plus year ordeal. The production dragged out for so long it even manage to test the patience of Wong’s long time collaborator, Chris Doyle.  So what’s with Wong’s Terrence Malick like indulgence? It’s a well-known fact that Wong never works from a script, preferring to go with just a basic outline of the plot. While that sounds incredibly artistically liberating it also means you’re bullshitting your way through a tough situation. And as we all know, bullshitting can turn into a long drawn out process.

So how long until we get to see Wong’s latest epic The Grandmasters? I dunno know, your guess is as good as mine. So what I suggest is this:

We set up a live counter or something and keep track of how long it’ll take for The Grandmasters to be released. I’m new to this, so I have no idea how to do it.

IS this possible?

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