Lawrence Ng Vs Charlie!

Well, not really.

Just some afternoon nonsense. Well I do have a little bit of info on the beloved Lawrence Ng Kai Wai. After gaining some mild acclaim for his CAT III roles in the mid 90s, Wai virtually disappeared from the Hong Kong entertainment industry only to re-emerge as an actor on TVB a few years later. He made quite the impression, starring in various TV dramas and gaining the title of  “house wife” killer. The moniker was given to him due to his appeal with the house wife crowd.

Not only was he able to successfully reinvent himself as a TV actor, he also dabbled in music for awhile and released an album of love ballads.

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One Response to Lawrence Ng Vs Charlie!

  1. Kingwho? says:

    hahahaha Excellent! Charlie and lawrence have quite big packages! haha

    I also read somewhere that Lawrence dabbled in the restaurant business and has publicly denounced his association with Sex and Zen!

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