Chinatown: A Sad Story

Yesterday was the perfect day to visit Chinatown. The sun was out, it was nice and hot and everyone in town was in a good mood.  So the first thing I did was hit my two favourite stores looking for movies movies movies. It felt great to be searching the racks and boxes for a mixture of new and old stuff.

So after about 2 hrs of  looking high and low for DVD gold, this was what I ended up with:

Citizen King (Quirky HK indie from actor/comedian Johnson Lee)

Time and Tide ( I lent it to a friend and it never made its way back.)

Bullet and Rose (Crazy heroic bloodshed/comedy from Clarence Fok)

Visage ( Tsai Ming Liang’s latest arthouse fluff)

Fairly good selection right?  Just keep reading.

So, after my pleasant DVD odyssey I call out some friends for dinner and drinks and the day continues on its gorgeous course. When it’s this nice out and you’re among friends, you have no choice but to drink and drink some more.

I stagger home around 1:0o and almost passed out in the shower but the thought of putting on one of my newly acquired DVDs spurred me on.

And then it hit me, I entered my apartment empty handed. I  left all my DVDs on the subway.

Now the only thing left to do is see if a kind soul turned it into the lost and found.

To be continued…

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4 Responses to Chinatown: A Sad Story

  1. Kingwho? says:

    DL, that was a horror story! I would have probably cried if that happened to me hahaha

    • smirk2u says:

      yeah tell me about it, I’m crying inside. I’ll go to the subway later to see if there’s any luck. I lost two shirts and a couple of japanese films too!

  2. A. says:

    On the bright side, perhaps someone will come upon these and have a great new love for these kind of movies! Regardless, looks like you’ll be triple-dipping to get Time and Tide again. Bummer.

  3. Martin says:

    Fingers crossed some kind soul handed them in for you, the perils of shopping and drinking!

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