A Chinese Ghost Story

Just finish watching Wilson Yip’s A Chinese Ghost Story and didn’t think it was anything spectacular. The film looks stunning visually but that doesn’t make up for the uninspired story. It’s a decidedly more sombre take on the famous tale which means it isn’t nearly as fun as the original.

As Siu Sin, Liu Yifei is gorgeous to look at but lacks screen presence. She just isn’t a strong enough actress to make Siu Sin a compelling character. Yu Shaoqun who was extraordinary in Forever Enthralled completely sleepwalks his way through the film as Ning Choi-Shan. The only actor who seems to be having fun is Louis Koo. Sporting a grizzly beard and looking visibly haggard, Koo chews the scenery as badass ghost hunter Yin Chek Ha. When he’s not on screen kicking ass with his awesome array of weapons, there really isn’t much to latch onto.

As far as remakes go, this one does nothing but make you nostalgic for the original.

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3 Responses to A Chinese Ghost Story

  1. Martin says:

    That’s a shame but not entirely unexpected, we’ll always have the original!

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