Revenge: A Love Story

Revenge: A Love Story

From a scene to scene basis, Wong Ching-Po and Juno’s Mak’s latest foray into CATIII territory is mildly entertaining. It’s repulsive, violent and laughably over the top. It’s a polish piece of B grade cinema that sometimes masquerades as a philosophical examination on the cyclical nature of vengeance.

Despite coming up with the story and playing the lead, Juno doesn’t have the screen presence to carry the dark material. He’s either stupidly earnest or horrifically diabolic. There’s nothing in between that would hint at who he is as a character. Then there’s Sora Aoi who isn’t required to do anything more than to be the poor damsel in distress and to show some skin. There’s next to zero chemistry between the two actors and that’s a problem when the film is suppose to be a “Love Story” of sorts.

The baddies in the film fare much better. Though underused, Chin Siu-Ho and Tony Ho manage to bring some emotional weight to their incredibly flawed characters. But the actor that steals the show is Lau Wing who’s just having a blast playing the cop who’s just rotten to the core.

Revenge: A Love Story is nothing groundbreaking but there are a few decent action scenes and the story clips along in a fairly fast pace. Just don’t think about the story too hard and try not to laugh at the ridiculous title cards.

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2 Responses to Revenge: A Love Story

  1. Kingwho? says:

    You watched it!! Sounds like you enjoyed it more than I did. It definitely started off great and had a handful of gritty CAT III-leaning scenes. Tony Ho is one of my favorite HK actors and his death scene was rather cool. The ending pissed me off royaly! Without the artiness the film would have been a ton better.

    • smirk2u says:

      I just found it okay, I hope my brief review didn’t sound too enthusiastic. Yeah that ending was atrocious.
      The filmmakers go out of their way to tell you that Sora Aoi is mentally challenged but to what extent? I thought Juno was more challenged.

      How about the fingerprint shaving scene? That didn’t lead to anything and really, couldn’t he just put on a pair of gloves? HAHAHAHA

      If anything I ended up feeling really bad for Sora Aoi as an actress. She didn’t have anything to do and the scenes in the police station were so mean-spirited.
      Oh how about that police station? It looked more like an abandoned meth lab. Who in their right mind would dare step foot in that?

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