I don’t think anyone will argue that MURDERER is a fine fine piece of cinema. I don’t even think anyone will argue that it’s a decent film with a thought-provoking premise. On paper, MURDERER sounds like an atrocious idea. The cat and mouse serial killer storyline has been done to death but I dear say this one is different. This one has the indomitable Aaron Kwok and newbie director Roy Chow at the helm. Kwok’s notorious overacting is in full display here, he’s bug-eye crazy and sports an out of this world moustache.  Chow does the right thing in surrounding Kwok’s performance with his bombastic style. You get jump cuts, weird angles and kinetic camera movements. And how about that mother of a twist? Whoa, as a result what we get is an insane film that’s so ridiculous that you can’t help but have a good time with it. The laughs keep coming as the film plunges deeper and deeper into the realm of outlandishness.

I could go on, but that would mean spilling the beans on some of the film’s major plot points. All I can say is watch it, if you have already seen it, watch it again. Once you know the twist and it’s out of the way it becomes that much more hilarious. Or better, watch the Making Of, that’s included in the Hong Kong DVD. In it, Aaron talks about the amount of research he did to prepare for his character. An actual police officer is interviewed and there’s some wildlife footage thrown in.

I’m not kidding.

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4 Responses to MURDERER

  1. Martin says:

    I’ve been meaning to pick this up for a while expecting some mirth, although most say it’s just awful rather than funny. I’d like to see it to see which way I would roll!

    • smirk2u says:

      Man oh man, I had so much fun with this one.
      I die crying especially when it kicks into third act madness.

      • Kingwho? says:

        Dr., this was so bad it’s bad! I kinda knew the twist early on beacuse it’s painfully obvious with one particular character that something was amiss. The movie is laughable but in a bad way. That is the only fun I had with it. Pointing and laughing at it.

        I thought the premise was an ‘only in HK cinema’ type deal but after watching the movie I was informed that it was a remake of the recent US film, THE ORPHAN. I had never seen THE ORPHAN but I know it didn’t do well in the US. MURDERER jumped on the wrong bandwagon.

        The story quite possibly would have worked buried in the hundreds of late 80’s early 90’s productions from HK, but as a prominent piece of HK cinema with a big star like Aaron Kwok, it comes off as a huge misfire and an embarrasment.

        I definitely do understand your amusement with the film. I probably couldn’t sit through it again, though. =D

  2. smirk2u says:

    King, I’m not so sure Murderer is a remake of The Orphan. If I remember correctly, it was released a few months earlier. I don’t think I have ever seen a performance quite like the one AK gives in the film. He’s so over the top that it elevates the film to a special place. I did a little research and apparently AK purposely did not sleep during shooting of the film so that he would be on edge and look more haggarded onscreen. Now that’s dedication. I really can talk endlessly about this film.

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