Trifecta of Greatness!


Here’s a little doodle on the latest and greatest Aaron Kwok performances.

There’s so much to choose from:

Aaron crying his eyes out in his award winning performance.

Then there’s crazy Aaron who’s chasing people down with a drill and calling everyone a “Puk gai (仆街).

And finally there’s Aaron as a blimp.


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2 Responses to Trifecta of Greatness!

  1. Kingwho? says:

    City Under Siege was an abomination. Why did my lovely ladies Shu Qi and Zhang Jingchu have to be in that mess?

    • smirk2u says:

      Yeah it seemed as if everyone in the film was doing their own thing. Wu Jing and Zhang Jingchu were trying their best to “act” while Aaron was doing his crazy slapstick routine.
      But the most bizarre performance must go to Colin Chou. Holy shit was he terrible in it. He was delivering his lines like Shakespeare while looking like the Toxic Avenger!

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