Non-Film Related Post



Aside from being a cinema fanatic, I’m also quite a fan of hoops. The NBA finals came to a thrilling conclusion last night so I’m just going to talk about it briefly. I apologize to all those film fans out there, um…skip the post, just look at the doodle and comeback tomorrow or something.

End of Disclaimer

What a series.

Watching Miami and Dallas go at it for 6 games really was like witnessing an epic battle between Good and Evil. You have your heroes and your villains duking it like gladiators in a stadium. And for once, the Good side prevailed. It couldn’t have been a more fitting end for Dallas, winning in front of the Miami crowd’ dishing a little payback for the 2006 debacle.

So kudos to Dallas for sticking it to the 2 ½ Men crew down in South Beach and for reinvigorating basketball. It was an exciting finals filled with pathos and triumph.

Good stuff.




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