What Happened to Siu Ban Ban (小彬彬) ?

Siu Ban Ban (小彬彬).

Does anybody remember this kid? Oh my, he was a pretty big deal in the eighties and then he disappeared. I think he’s Taiwanese but starred in many Hong Kong movies. Not only was he incredibly cute, he was also a pretty good actor. He starred in the really weird John Woo directed Run Tiger Run (1984), A Family Affair (1984) with Sam Hui and my personal favourite Double Trouble (1984) with the awesome John Sham.

Does anybody know who I’m talking about? Oh, he was in that God awful Andy Lau flick, The Magic Crystal (1987) as well. He usually plays the Dennis the Menace troublemaker who’s always out to give his parents a hard time, kind of the Hong Kong answer to Macaulay Culkin.

The last film he appeared in was the underrated Daddy, Father, Papa (1991). He was visibly older and taller but I felt he was still a charming little dude and held his own against Sammo and Raymond Wong.

I really wonder what ever happened to Siu Ban Ban.

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5 Responses to What Happened to Siu Ban Ban (小彬彬) ?

  1. Kingwho? says:

    He is now Alex Fong Lik-sun!

    I loved this little guy in Magic Crystal. I just recently rewatched Book Of Heroes and there he was. Looked like a midget! hahaha

  2. Kingwho? says:

    As per a Facebook friend of mine, “he grew up and became a father of two boys. his younger son is now a child actor commonly known as Siu Siu Ban.”

    How do you like them apples?! Facebook….it’s a wonderful thing! ;D

  3. Diana says:

    No, can’t say that I do. Very much handicapped by my monolingualism, I am afraid, but I did remember seeing that article so I looked for it. Apparently he keeps his son on a very busy schedule and has been accused of overworking him by the Taiwanese public. I thought that was odd for a former child star, you’d think he’d err in the other direction.

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