Chungking Express

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5 Responses to Chungking Express

  1. Martin says:

    Great stuff Dr.Lamb, what an amazing film Chungking express is. Does cinema get any better?

  2. kingwho? says:

    Niiiiice! My favorite HK film! And it’s not CAT III!? Go figure!?

  3. vcinema says:

    Great work. Like the police officer especially.

  4. smirk2u says:

    Yeah, it really made me reconsider HK cinema. That’s why I can never fully give up on WKW, he had such a strong run with Days of Being Wild, Ashes of Time, Chungking Express and Happy Together.

    I hope that one day the missing stuff for Days of Being Wild will resurface and be included in a dvd or something. If anything, that film deserves a redux more than Ashes of Time.

  5. The blonde wig is looking a bit less blonde then usual! But any tribute to Chungking Express is welcome of course.

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