Eason Chan

I think Eason Chan is one of the most underrated actors working in Hong Kong.  Perhaps the lack of recognition comes from the fact that he doesn’t look like your traditional leading man and has a very understated acting style.

There’s an ease to him when he’s onscreen, making him instantly likable even if his character is a douchebag (Dream Home). I recently saw him in Patrick Kong’s better than average made for China fluff Mr. and Mrs. Single and he was great in it, even though his voice was dubbed over and he was constantly wearing these goofy Lacoste sweaters.

My personal favourite film of Eason’s is Love Battlefield. Like its main character, the film is funny, unpredictable and surprisingly moving.

Now, about the hair…

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3 Responses to Eason Chan

  1. Martin says:

    It definitely is the hair!

    I thought Love Battlefield was very good, I also really liked him in Hooked on you and Crazy N’the city. His Dream home character was amusingly repellent!

    As for the hair, he may as well just shave it off, he just can’t do anything with it!

  2. smirk2u says:

    Yeah, he was excellent in Crazy’ N the City and how about Pye Dog and Naked Ambition?

    And don’t forget about his scene stealing turn in Trivial Matters.

    The only time I thought Eason was a misfire was in Lady Cop and Papa Crook. Then again, that entire production was a misfire.

  3. i’ll join the eason love-in: it’s really great that he doesn’t seem to mind being cast as a douche; in fact, he often seems to revel in it.

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