The Occasional Sexist Film Review – 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy

On a raining Sunday morning I decide to watch 3D Sex and Zen. Half an hour in, I ‘m baffled by how watchable it is. The characters seem to be having a blast, the script is appropriately silly and the women are pretty damn hot. On top of that, there are a couple of nice homages to the older films in the series, the set designs are inventive and there’s an overall polish to the production that I appreciate.

There’s no disputing that Hiro Hayama makes for a bland protagonist and that he’s light years away from leading man status, but what I like about Hayama is that he’s game for anything. There’s not a whole lot of Asian actors I can think of that would be willing to do some of the stuff Hayama does in the film. Going into the film, I was most concern about actress Leni Lan Yan. Aside from taking her clothes off on cue, I wasn’t sure if she would be able to offer anything else. Turns out, Leni Lan Yan does a fine job. She pulls off the sexy without being too over the top and her screen presence really does shine through.

Admittedly, the third act of the film does get ridiculously bloody and the mean-spiritedness of the filmmakers does become obviously apparent. All of a sudden, the fun and campiness is abandoned for a nastier tone that almost ruins the entire experience.

Rather than let you get to third base, this film just slaps you in the face really really hard and kicks you off of the sofa.

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4 Responses to The Occasional Sexist Film Review – 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy

  1. Kingwho says:

    I’m not expecting much with this film but it’s great to hear that it was fun! I have pre-ordered my copy. I came across a TON off bootlegs and other questionable ‘out of region’ copies in Chinatown but preferred to wait for the real thing. Great comment on the film, Dr. Thanks!

  2. smirk2u says:

    The first half really is decent. Likable actors and the production value is pretty high. It’s a good looking film but unfortunately the last half really is appalling. A lot of it’s the writing but Tony Ho hamming it up doesn’t help either.

    • Kingwho says:

      Tony Ho is one of my absolute favorite character actors. I could watch him tie is sneakers and be enthralled. And NOW i’m really looking forward to seeing him hammy.

  3. smirk2u says:

    Really? I wouldn’t have taken you for a Tony Ho fan. I thought he was excellent in Fruit Chan’s The Longest Summer but it has been diminishing returns ever since.

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