Fright Night (2011) Review

Fright Night is a competent remake that’s cheesy and mildly scary. Colin Farrell, dropping his leading man facade has a Hell of a time chomping on the scenery as vampire Jerry. Anton Yelchin is the dweeb/hero and is impossibly paired with the insanely hot Imogen Poots.

Director Craig Gillespie doesn’t do anything new with the genre but manages for the most part to balance the horror and  laughs. The film does drags in the third act and the 3D stuff is nebulous. In fact, due to the 3D treatment, there are scenes that are so dark that you can barely make out what is going on.

Dr. Who himself, David Tennant drops by and does his best Russell Brand  impersonation while Toni Colette is absolutely wasted. Oh, when Christopher Mintz-Plasse is onscreen, the film almost becomes unwatchable. Thankfully, Gillespie spares us all by keeping Plasse’s screen time to a minimal.

It’s a shame because buried underneath all the mediocrity is actually a darker film that would have made for a more compelling watch.

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2 Responses to Fright Night (2011) Review

  1. Martin says:

    I have a real soft spot for the original Dr.Lamb, how does it compare would you say?

    • Dr. Lamb says:

      I haven’t seen the original so I really can’t make the comparision. But, from what I hear, the original has its charm and own flavour. The remake I would say is much more straight forward and kind of souless. It really doesn’t have a life of its own.

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