Treasure Inn



Wong Jing’s latest offering Treasure Inn is a hard film to like. It’s chock full of stars like Nick Cheung, Nic Tse and Charlene Choi and that’s what makes it  so disappointing. First off, for a comedy it’s pretty light on the laughs. It’s 90s style slapstick/nonsensical Stephen Chow stuff but there’s no Stephen Chow around to make it work. Instead we get Nick Cheung donning fake teeth and mugging for the camera. Nic Tse on the other hand, sleepwalks his way through the entire film, trying hard not to burst out into laughter while thinking about the insane amount of money he got paid to do this. I would comment on Charlene but aside from smiling coyly and whispering her lines, there’s not really a performance to critque .

The desert landscape is well used but Wong imposes this horrendous sepia tone  filter that kind of washes away the detail and vividness of the scenery. Also, the piss poor CGI doesn’t help matters.

I guess the only redeeming thing in this mess is the sporadic action. They’re frenetic and difficult to follow at times but in a film so mediocre in every department, the choreography stands out.

There’s no sense in going on and on about Treasure Inn because the argument will inevitably lead to his defenders saying “Well, what were you expecting? It’s a Wong Jing film.”

I’m done.

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One Response to Treasure Inn

  1. Martin says:

    Disappointing, I actually thought this looked like it might have been fun from the trailer.

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