My Weekend with Charlie:


Aside from being a long weekend filled with crime and punishment, it was also a semi-Charlie Cho affair for me. I’m embarrassed to say that I failed to mention that the cock meister himself plays a small but memorable role in Punished. Looking a little older and heavier, Cho does a great job playing it straight and manages to even infuse the film with some much needed humanity.

Now that we have gotten the good out of the way lets talk about Charlie in The Case of the Spirit of Banana. Terrible doesn’t come close to describing this turd of a movie. Not even the presence of my favourite Alex Man can save this sinking ship of a mess. I was looking forward to Charlie and The Man playing a pair of gigolos hitting up various nightclubs  in Hong Kong but what I got instead was a supernatural piece of poo.

There, are you happy now Kingwho? ?

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3 Responses to My Weekend with Charlie:

  1. Kingwho says:

    haha I am VERY pleased with this post! And you even have Cha-lee amongst women’s shoes. Like Al Bundy! He absolutely was the BEST thing about Punished and it was so cool to see him in a more mannered and less dirty way. He looked wonderful as well. He must be drinking from the same fountain of youth as Simon Yam.

    I don’t remember much about ‘Banana’ but I do recall liking it a fair bit. This kind of garbage is up my alley.

  2. Kingwho says:

    MURDERER can be fun on a different plane of existence. If i went into it knowing it was going to be high camp, then I might have enjoyed it? But when it is offered as a serious thriller and I go into it as such, I became mightily pissed for being fooled. It is LOL inducing, I will agree. Someone should put together a short video of ALL of the ridiculous bits from the film.

    And, yes, I am crazy! =D

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