Silly Hong Kong Movie Covers

Shawn Yue With Two Guns, John Woo Styles


I don’t remember a helicopter being in this


I like the triumphant bathed in gold look of this one


Don't mess with an Aaron Kwok in clown makeup


Johnnie To’s Highlander !


A kung-fu version of A Walk on the Clouds


This is not a heist movie


Is that the same blue tint they used for all the Bourne stuff? Plus do we need to see Donnie twice on the cover?

Donnie Yen, Treasure Hunter!!!


Obligatory poorly photoshopped image of Asian dude with a gun cover



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5 Responses to Silly Hong Kong Movie Covers

  1. I detest those generic template looking covers. Especially the ones with title in the middle separating two images. They are just so boring looking.

  2. Divergence is my favourite here. I like the flaming building in the background. It’s standing pretty good for something erupting like that.

    • smirk2u says:

      Yeah The Divergence poster is pretty good. I can’t stand all the piss-poor photoshopping and why does everyone on it have to be brooding? Geez

      • A. says:

        Tough guys don’t smile! It’s potentially a romantic comedy if they are smiling! I think even Stephen Chow is brooding on the American Shaolin Soccer disc.

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