Sketches of Spain

It has been a quiet week, haven’t been up to anything or watched anything worth posting about. Just chilling out and working on some illustration stuff.  Been listening to a Canadian artist named Alex Zhang Hungtai who also goes by the name Dirty Beaches. He was born in Taiwan but now calls Montreal his home. His songs from the album Badlands have been playing nonstop from my speakers while I’ve been drawing. If you’re interested you can find out more about him and his work at

Aside from that, I thought I would post a sketch of the kids from Attack The Block. Don’t know if I’m liking how it’s turning out or if I’ll even finish it but I thought I would throw it up  here.

Last but not least, I was clearing some stuff from my hard drive and found a doodle I did for the guys at This Week in Sleaze. It’s my idea of what the mascot of Hong Kong Skinema would look like. So enjoy!



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One Response to Sketches of Spain

  1. Kingwho? says:

    I like that Mr. Skin has a small afro. And that his carpet doesn’t appear to match the drapes!? hahaha

    Be careful you don’t get sued for defamation by the real Mr. Skin! =P

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