The Art of Looking Away

Now, it’s not often that I write about the Toronto Film Festival (Tiff) on this blog. I seldom participate in the festival because it’s really not my thing and the frenzy surrounding it is pretty tough to handle sometimes.  You have fanatic stargazers that have no problem turning into stalkers and just overall stupidity that completely overshadows the films showing in the festival.

This morning though,  I was checking out the paper and I found this


The Globe and Mail:

Sounds like Madonna was all smiles and compliments for Canada in general and TIFF in particular, when she visited the festival Monday to promote her new film.. It was a bit of a different story backstage, however, when eight of those volunteers were asked to turn their faces to a wall so that they would not look at the pop-star-turned-movie-director as she made her way to her press conference about the film.


It’s odd that some so narcissistic would make such a demand. If anything I would have thought Madonna would be paying people to ogle at her just so she could still feel relevant. What an idiot, “don’t look at me, but please come see my film that’s almost guaranteed to be cinematic trash.”



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