The Awesome Luk Siu-Fan (陸小芬 )

Luk Siu-Fan or Fonda Lynn is one tough chick. Actually, I wouldn’t know for certain but I know Ken over at is a huge fan and he seems to think so. I’ve been dying to check out more from her filmography but most of her stuff is either unavailable or in the hands of IFD films. I know she’s an icon and sooner or later I’m going to right wrongs by watching all of her films. I heard she even makes an appearance in Taiwan Black Movies.

Until then, these hastily rendered illustrations will have to do.

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3 Responses to The Awesome Luk Siu-Fan (陸小芬 )

  1. Kingwho? says:

    Just awesome, Lambsy! This made my day. And it isn’t even Charlie Cho related!!!

    I have a few of her films; The Lady Avenger, The Sexy Lady Driver, Temptation, A Flower in The Rainy Night, Exposed to Danger, Rosa, Boss Noballs, and Song of the Exile. If you are interested, I can make some copies. Let me know.

  2. dr.lamb says:

    Which films of hers would you recommend for a bloody trilogy? Also, can you hook me up with Taiwan Black Films.

    You and Ken are bunch of cool cats!

    • Kingwho? says:

      Not sure about a bloody trilogy as the majority of her films are EXTREMELY hard to find or OOP. Ken might be able to help you out a bit more but I would recommend The Lady Avenger, Exposed to Danger, and Women Warriors of Kinmen. If you don’t mind torrenting, these should be available.

      No problem with Taiwan Black Movies! =D

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