Forgotten Cinema Badass: Alex Man

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3 Responses to Forgotten Cinema Badass: Alex Man

  1. Diana says:

    My dimple king! Alex is an awesome bad guy, no question, thanks for posting. I read that he is so good at it that some people think he is crazy in real life too.

    But actually my favorite role for him was as a good guy in the 1980s tv series “The Justice of Life,” have you seen it?

    • dr.lamb says:

      Yeah, I’ve seen pretty much all of his tv stuff. Justice of Life is solid, have you seen him in And Yet We Live? It’s an epic of a tv series, I think it’s 60 episodes! If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. I heard that he has an anger problem and that led to TVB terminating their contract with him.

      • Diana says:

        No, I haven’t see that but I will look out for it, might be a challenge, neither ebay or YesAsia have it. Might be a good excuse to go shopping in Chinatown. 🙂

        Ah, an anger problem, that could be related to the being crazy thing. What a shame.

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