Devil Fetus (魔胎)



Devil Fetus (魔胎) is schlocky Hong Kong horror film made in 1983. It tells the story of a possessed dildo-shaped jade statue that finds its way into the home of a wealthy family. A demonic spirit is released from the jade statue and begins to wreak havoc on each of the family members. Along the way, there’s plenty of bloodletting, animal cruelty, close-up shots of swarming maggots, stop-motion, bizarre Taoist rituals and of course, necrophilia. Director Lau Hung-chuen doesn’t do anything too inventive or ambitious and that turns out to be the right thing. He kind of stumbles his way through, throwing everything into the mix and as a result Devil Fetus is irreverent, cheesy, horrific and gross. What it lacks in ingenuity it makes up for with its manic energy and consistently over the top premise.

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