Birthday Celebration AKA Night of Gluttony PT. 1

Just turned 31 last night and boy did I put my body through some punishment. Being Asian, eating until you explode is usually the norm.  Here are some pictures of the wonderful debauchery that occurred on my birthday.

The day started off with my cute niece making me yummy Sushi Rice Krispies!

Then it was having delicious vermicelli and spring rolls with my burly friend Dave at a cozy Vietnamese restaurant near where I work.

The night then started with my lovely wife Viv,  throwing a little surprise get together with friends and family at The Black Hoof.

That's horse meat on $4 bread.

Smoked Sweetbread (Veal thymus and pancreas)

Then the lamb neck arrived. It’s Lam Vs Lamb!

Tongue on Brioche

My Wife smiling while I slowly turn into a blob.

Ricotta and Calf Brain Ravioli

We decided to end the meal on a sweet note with Foie Gras and Pudding.

The Gluttony Gang

Everything We Ordered Is Highlighted In Yellow (Asian Power)

It wasn’t before long my wife uttered  “deep fried pickles” and that got everyone’s attention. So we marched along over to Lakeview and did what we do best – EAT!

Viv Vs Root Beer Float

Me Joyce Getting Ready For Another Round of Man VS Food!

Someone in The Gang Nearly Had a Heart Attack When The Poutine Arrived.

That's Right Deep Fried Pickles - Not For The Faint Of Heart

"Why Can't We Have Deep Fried Mars Bars All The Time?

The Gang Close To Tapping Out

Just When You Thought We Were Done…

" You Can Have A Mars Bar Everyday. Look at Dave, He's Going For Seconds!"

That’s Part One. Tonight The Festivities Continue…

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3 Responses to Birthday Celebration AKA Night of Gluttony PT. 1

  1. Kingwho? says:

    DAMN! You fatty! hahaha Great pics, Dr. And again, Happy 31st! Looks like you enjoyed yourself and keep very good company. Cheers, bud!

    I am starving now!

  2. smirk2u says:

    No Guts No Glory! BTW, I took your advice, I now visit the whore known as Facebook.

  3. dave says:

    im proud to be the burly one in our relationship sir!

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