The Tsui Hark Sandwich

Watched Tsui Hark’s Green Snake and was just blown away by how great it was. The sheer inventiveness of some of the action sequences is astonishing. It’s convoluted and ponderous at times but the acting from the ace cast (Maggie Cheung, Joey Wong) is superb and the trademark Tsui Hark manic energy is in full gear. Green Snake makes the limp remake The Sorcerer and the White Snake look like a shoddy dvd extra for a Dennis S Y Law movie.

So after watching Green Snake and trying to come up with a thank you breakfast for the wifey. I decided to make the Tsui Hark Sandwich.

It’s mango chutney, hot peppers, spinach, grilled baby tomatoes, caramelized onions, cilantro, a drizzle of olive oil, rosemary, sea salt, black pepper and to top it off garlic braised shrimp.

It’s sweet, hot, tangy and accumulates into a kinetic burst of flavours with every bite.

It’s really Tsui Hark in a nutshell.

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