Weekend of Gluttony Pt 2 – Matsuda Japanese Cuisine


Yup, because one day of eating like a boar was not enough. We did it again:


Me, before leaving for the restaurant.

Some green tea to cleanse the palette.

My niece, starving.


I married a nerd.


Rocks from Iceland. You're suppose to chill them in your refrigerator and use as ice for your drinks.

Sushi plater

Zucchini tempura.

My chin disappearing into my neck.

Spicy Tuna Roll


Shrimp Tempura

Some rolls with mango sauce.

Beef Sashimi

Sashimi plater.

My niece has her uncle's appetite.

Grilled chicken skin on a skewer.

By the time we got to the garlic shrimp, I was feeling a little overwhelmed.A good way to curb bloating and indigestion is to have some ramen.

Well, what's a meal without dessert? How about mango yogurt in shot glasses?

Deep fried bananas?

Caramel Crème Brûlée

Taro mousse

Tiramisu mousse


Green tea ice cream.

Alright guys, that brings it to an end. I’ll see you all for another pig out session next year.



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