It’s Been A Long Long Time

Hi Folks,

It has been awhile hasn’t it?

Let’s see what has happen to the world of Asian cinema, since this blog went dormant.

  1. China has played a more active role in shaping the content of films, especially the ones from Hong Kong.
  2. Sex and Zen 3D happened.
  3. Chow Yun Fat made his triumph return to Hong Kong cinema.
  4. Nick Cheung finally became a household name.
  5. Louis Koo decided that he would star in absolutely everything.
  6. Wong Jing now peddling his brand of smut in the mainland.
  7. Shawn Yue providing perhaps he’s not the leading man everyone thought he was destined to be.
  8. Jaycee going to jail.
  9. Paul and Kevin breaking up and getting back together!
  10. Kenneth and his podcast turning 200!
  11. From Vegas to Macau (ugh)
  12. From Vegas to Macau II (ugh)
  13. Grandmasters finally made it’s way to the theaters.
  14. Jackie Chan is still an asshole.
  15. The immediate rise and somewhat fall of Chapman To
  16. Jay Chou still can’t act.
  17. The anti-climatic return of…EDISON.
  18. Aaron Kwok still doing his acting thing

aaron19. This fucker still hasn’t aged one bit

the-twist20. The Gigolo and Dominic Ho blows away the idea of double standards in Hong Kong Cinema.


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